Top 10 Hiking Spots in US January 10, 2017

Top 10 Amazing Hiking Spots in the US

There are a ton of trails in the United States that offer a wide variety of

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43 Usefull Hiking Tips and Tricks December 15, 2016

43 Useful Hiking Tips and Tricks

Hiking is a great way to get outdoors, get exercise, let go of stress, and build

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Best Hiking Shoes for men and Women December 12, 2016

Best Hiking Shoes for Men and Women

If you are new to the hiking world and still unable to decide as to which hiking

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Backpacking for Beginners December 6, 2016

Backpacking for Beginners: Everything you Need to Know to Get...

So you’ve decided that you want to go on your first backpacking trip? The to do

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Hiking Nutrition December 1, 2016

Hiking Food: How much Nutrition do you need?

Food might not seem like an important topic when it comes to hiking; grab some

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Gifts for Hikers and Backpackers November 28, 2016

11 Top Gifts for Hikers and Backpackers

Picking a gift for those outdoors lover can be a hard task if you don't know

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Winter Camping and Backpacking Guide November 11, 2016

Winter Camping and Backpacking Guide

There are a lot of details involved when you plan to camp or backpack in the winter;

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September 30, 2016

Pepper Spray vs Bear Spray: What is the Difference?

My family and I go hiking frequently in bear country. We’ve never encountered a

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Best Hiking Rain Jackets September 26, 2016

Best Hiking Rain Jackets

If you are new to the hiking world that’s riddled with shoes, jackets and other

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swiss gear hiking poles September 20, 2016

Swiss Gear Hiking Pole

So whether you’re planning on going across town or around the globe, SWISSGEAR

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