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hyvent vs gore tex February 2, 2018

HyVent vs Gore Tex: Which Waterproof Material is Better and...

Being outdoors puts you at risk of getting sweaty, damp, rained on, and

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jetboil zip vs flash January 19, 2018

Jetboil Zip vs Flash: Which one is right for you?

Leave those dry, dehydrated camping meals at home! When you have an excellent camp

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Best Cold Weather Tents December 11, 2017

Best Cold Weather Tents of 2017/2018

When you love camping and hiking, a little bit of snow on the ground isn't going to

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Avalanche Beacon Reviews September 28, 2017

Avalanche Beacon Reviews

Every skier and snowboarder dreams of those days where they can lose themselves in

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best winter hiking gloves September 15, 2017

Best Winter Hiking Gloves

What’s worse than hiking in the heat? Hiking with numbed hands in the wintertime.

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Hiking Survival Kit July 27, 2017

Hiking Survival Kit: What you need to Survive

Having a hiking backpack filled with goodies is all well and good until you actually

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Hammock vs Tent July 13, 2017

Hammock vs Tent: Which one is better and why?

Most people have grown up camping in tents. In fact, the image of a tent is so

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Training Exercises for Hiking April 12, 2017

Training Exercises for Hiking

If climbing a few flights of stairs winds you, image what hiking is going to do.

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Hennessy hammock review April 7, 2017

Hennessy Hammocks Review

Hardcore campers, hikers, and survivalists love all-in-one packages. Making life

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Best Snake Proof Boots March 1, 2017

Best Snake Proof Boots and why you need them

When traipsing through the underbrush, hiking or hunting in the wilderness, you

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