“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it.”

Harry Middleton

You either love fishing or you hate it, there is no in between. For those who love fishing, it is a catharsis of their inner turmoil. It brings joy and peace of mind. In the countries that experience great temperature drops, ice fishing has been a popular sport.

One of the reasons for the popularity of ice fishing is the low cost equipment. Ice fishing does not require you to own a boat or fancy fishing poles. Some of the most basic fishing gear is all that you would need. Ice auger (to help you cut holes in the ice), fishing lines and fishing lures are the only requirements.

The most challenging task for the fishermen is to decide upon the best fishing lure. Everybody loves a good catch. There is no scientific formula to decide upon the fishing lure that would work the best.

In order to attract most fishes you should be equipped with a good variety of basic lures, such as plastic worms, artificial bugs, hard bodies, baits and spoons.

When it comes to ice fishing, jigs are the most preferred type of bait for fishermen. Some even consider it to be the best fishing lure. However, you should bear in mind the topography of the waters that you are fishing in. Jigs are of little or no use if the bottom is full of vegetation and debris.

Numerous fishing enthusiasts agree that minnows and live baits are among the best fishing lures especially if one wishes to capture large fishes such as bass and pike. Beginners may find it a little difficult to manage live minnows in freezing temperatures. Alternatively, one can also use frozen minnows and worms which are easily available in any local store that sells fishing supplies.

Cold and freezing temperatures force fishes to move deeper into the waters where the temperature is relatively warmer as compared to the surface. Winters greatly reduce the metabolic rates of fishes which mean that it becomes trickier to lure fishes towards the bait.

The most effective way is to use brightly colored, flashy and attractive objects as bait. ‘Glow in the dark’ jigs, hard bodies and plastic worms are an excellent way to lure fishes. Such objects shine in the deep dark waters and catch the attention of fishes very easily.

Catching fishes in the water that is full of weeds and debris requires a lot of patience and experience. The trick is to drop your bait at least three to six inches of the bottom. Secondly, bear in mind that weeds and debris tend to get tangled with the lure so use larva or plastic worms on the hook.

Avoid any kind of shaking or up and down movement of the hook as your fishing line can get caught in the debris, weeds or submerged logs.

Fishing is a beautiful experience and it can be made more enjoyable with the right kind of fishing lures and equipment. Having the best fishing lures can increase your chances of finding good catch!

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