Outdoor fireplace kits are ideal for people who wish to cozy up outside, in their yards, without being extravagant. Imagine how the warmth from the fireplace will let you enjoy your cup of hot chocolate during cool evenings.

Throwing a small party at night would also not be a problem as the heat from the fireplace would keep everyone warm. You can roast marshmallows or just bask in glory of the golden warmth.

There are basically two types of fireplaces that you can choose from. One is smaller fire pits that consist of circular pits with mesh tops. All you have to do is put logs in it and light them. They are set up in the middle of a table with chairs surrounding it. It requires little or no installation and is also inexpensive.

The other is outdoor fireplace kits that are extravagant and quite large as compared to the fire pits. They can be as tall as 5 to 6 feet and are usually made of bricks and stones. These fireplaces look amazing and add an aesthetic touch to your yard. Some use real wood logs while the others can be lit up with synthetic logs and even gas.

The downside of outdoor fireplace kits is that they are expensive and once installed are hard to move. You should have a very clear idea about where you want to install your fireplace as moving it may not be an option.

Nevertheless, the advantages of owning an outdoor fireplace kit far outweigh the disadvantages.

The kits are easy to assemble and look beautiful once installed. An outdoor fireplace kit emits enough heat to warm up everyone sitting around it. The fireplace emits enough light to eliminate the need to any external lights to brighten the surroundings.

Outdoor fireplace kits are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit every customer’s need. Here is a list of some of the best outdoor fireplace kits to help you in your search for finding the perfect one.


Landmann Grandezza Wood Burning Fireplace

Landmann Grandezza Wood Burning Fireplace

This is a good outdoor fireplace for you if you enjoy the company of many friends or guests. It has a 360 degrees viewing. The steel is good and very durable. The Rusty color of the fireplace combined with the stylish design gives it an archaic and antique appearance.


Pleasant Hearth Outdoor Fireplace

Pleasant Hearth Outdoor Fireplace

The features of this fireplace laded it on this list as it is very efficient and functional. The holes on the grills give it proper air circulation. It is enclosed and has a large wood burning space so the fire can last longer without the need of adding wood after a while. This fireplace even comes with a weather-resistant cover to protect it when not in use.


Blue Rhino GAD1401M Fireplace

Blue Rhino GAD1401M Fireplace

This fireplace utilizes LPG as its source of fire. It is made from sturdy stainless steel that gives it long lasting durability so no need to worry about the condition of this fireplace for a long time. It is easy to install as it does not require any tools for the installation. Propane tank and control panels are cleverly concealed by a decorative base. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the ambience and comfort of a roaring fire without having to worry about the ashes.

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