Are you in the market for a camping lantern? When choosing camping gear, a rechargeable camping lantern is one of the best items you can bring to light up your space when preparing dinner on your camping stove or playing card games in the tent.

Top 4 Best Rechargable Camping Lanterns

1. Portable LED Camping Lantern (2 Pack) by Etekcity


  • It’s non-gas lighting. The lanterns are bright, easy to light and provide enough light for an entire tent. There’s also more value since you get two lanterns for the price. The lanterns are also shorter and less bulky than many gas lanterns.
  • Batteries included. This feature isn’t always included with camping lanterns. You can also use rechargeable batteries to save money and make the unit a “green” lantern. The battery operation makes the lantern a good option during situations like power outages.
  • The LED bulbs are very energy efficient. That provides various benefits including the lantern being more eco-friendly and extending the bulbs’ lifespan. These are both features that provide a better customer experience.


  • Lantern sometimes breaks often
  • Some problems w/ lantern’s operation
  • Won’t turn off after folded

The LED Camping Lantern includes military-grade construction. This rugged durability is especially important when you use the lantern outdoors for activities like camping.

Another plus of this unit is it has many applications. For example, you can place it on a table in your home during emergencies. Then when you’re camping, you can use the lantern inside your tent or hang it up inside the tent using the foldaway handles.

You can also hang up the lantern outside the tent at nighttime when you’re doing activities like preparing dinner on your camping stove. Sometimes a standard flashlight won’t provide enough illumination for the area.

The lantern also collapses to make the unit smaller for easy transport and storage. This is also important when hiking, for example, since you’ll want your camping gear to be as compact as possible. Since you can collapse this lantern, it’s more likely.    

The lantern can be powered by 3 AA rechargeable batteries. The unit’s applications include power outage, emergency situations, and natural disasters. One of the lanterns could be stored in your vehicle for roadside repairs that can happen anytime during the day or night. You can also use it for family barbecues/parties at your home that start or continue into the night.

The lantern includes 360-degree ultra-bright light using 30 energy-saving LED bulbs. This provides a big plus over lanterns that you have to keep moving around in order to see stuff around you.  

The Etekcity lantern provides up to 12 hours of continuous use. This is enough juice for an entire night. In fact, that 12 hours include 8 hours at high brightness and 4 hours at dimmer brightness. You could use the darker light for activities like reading your phone.

Since this product is a 2-pack, you can use two lanterns in one night before juicing them up for the next evening.

The portable LED Camping Lantern is offered with a 10-year warranty, lifetime support, and 90-day money-back guarantee. The product is also Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (ROHS)-certified.

2. Luci Inflatable Solar Light by Mpowerd


  • The lantern is multifaceted and can be used for different purposes. It can hang in a tent, hammock, shelter, etc. using the strap on the unit for hanging. The lantern folds down thin and is very easy to fill up and light an area.
  • Solar-powered lantern. It provides bright light with 2 brightness and flashing settings. Since it’s powered by sunlight, it doesn’t require any batteries, which can significantly reduce the operating costs of the unit.
  • Interesting design. The lantern has a unique design versus many lanterns on the market. They include a button to check the unit’s battery status. You also must blow into the unit to inflate it.


  • Customer service about an inquiry
  • Instructions not very clear.
  • Can burn out quickly after charging

The Mpowerd Luci is a very durable solar-powered LED lantern. You won’t have to spend extra money on batteries, which is a plus. The lantern is very easy to charge up. Just put the unit in direct sunlight for 7 hours then you can get 12 hrs. of operation. This provides enough illumination for the evening.  

Luci can be used at home, backyard, and garden. You can add light to your patio or garage, for example. It’s a good task light for grilling, housework, and barbecues. It’s also sturdy and waterproof for hiking/camping. You can charge the lantern by hanging it on your backpack.

The Luci is lightweight (4.4 ounces), inflatable, and collapsible. This provides more versatility vs. other lanterns. It’s also waterproof with IP67 rating so you won’t have to worry about the lantern getting wet when being used.

Luci includes 10 light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which make it a practical light for home/backyard. You can also take it with you when you’re away from home and need a lighting source. This solar-powered light’s LEDs include three settings including bright, super-bright, and 1-second flashing. This allows you to make adjustments to boost the lantern’s juice when needed. There’s a charge indicator to inform you the amount of battery life remaining in the unit.  

This lantern offers green/clean energy so you can use sustainable energy from sunlight regardless of where you are or where you’re going. Every year 3+ billion batteries are thrown out in the US alone. Not only can solar energy help conserve the Earth’s natural resources but it can also save you money as well.

Luci includes a 1-year warranty provided for all MPOWERD products. However, this only includes products sold by third-party authorized sellers. As always make sure to read the terms & conditions, so you’ll know what it does and doesn’t cover.

3. Camping Lantern by SUAOKI


  • The lantern is ideal when you’re far from power sources. When you crank for a few minutes, you’ll have 1+ hours of light. You’ll have enough juice for phone charging, for example. This lantern is also convenient since it’s lightweight and doesn’t require you to charge batteries.
  • The USB port is convenient since it turns the lantern into a charger for mobile devices. The lantern doesn’t provide a high-level capacity. However, it’s not really designed to be an appliance that produces high amps. For the price point, it’s an excellent value for situations like emergencies.
  • This lantern is a good option for emergencies like home power outages. When using the low-light setting, you can get 5 hrs. of emergency lighting. All your household members including the kids can learn about how to use the hand crank. The crank is one of the sturdiest parts of the lantern and is quite impressive due to the low price range.


  • The handle used for hanging the lantern is flimsy and breaks easily
  • A phone can only be charged when the lantern is hand-cranked
  • Sometimes the lantern isn’t reliable

This rechargeable camping lantern contains a rechargeable battery and is powered by a hand crank/USB charging. You won’t need an in-house cable that’s often required for other brands of lanterns. The problem with such units is they can be tough to replace when necessary.

The camping lantern includes two modes. The high-brightness LED mode is good for applications like finding your way when you’re walking in the dark. Meanwhile, the low mode is good for an area/tent light or reading a book/phone.

The unit also includes two forms including as a lantern or flashlight after it’s compacted. This provides a dual-purpose light that can be used for more applications. When you’re walking on a trail at night, a flashlight is more practical, for example. Meanwhile, a lantern is more practical when you’re cooking dinner on a stove.

You won’t have to spend money on both a lantern and flashlight, which is a plus. Purchasing both units separately can be quite pricey and especially if you buy a high-end lantern and flashlight with lots of bells & whistles. Both units have different functionalities so you’ll have more flexibility when one unit provides a flashlight and lantern.

The lantern is powered by a hand crank or USB output. This provides extra juice for various devices like smartphones or tablets. The unit takes 4 hours for a full charge.

This lantern also features portability. You can reduce the light to 50% of its length and carry it conveniently in a backpack, bag, etc. This is critical when you’re using the lantern for different applications like camping trips. The compactness makes it easier to bring the lantern/flashlight for various functions.  

4. L-ION 002 Rechargeable Lantern by Coleman


  • This rechargeable lantern is bright and easy to use. The LED has a charging port so you can charge your phone/tablet. The lantern includes a USB port and car charger. This makes it easier to juice up the lantern even when you’re away from home. This makes the unit more versatile.
  • The lantern has a bright light. This is even on the low setting. The amount of light the lantern produces is quite high due to the smaller size of the unit. This makes it a good option for activities like camping trips.
  • The plug/charger fit into the lantern’s base when they’re not used. This helps to keep them stored and organized while preventing you from losing the items. When you own a device with a rechargeable battery, it can be a hassle when you have to keep finding the charger.


  • Difficult to replace the battery
  • Low-quality charging ports
  • Lantern lasts maximum 5 hrs. On a single charge

The L-ION 002 Rechargeable Lantern by Coleman includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that’s built into the lantern. This is one of the most popular types on the market. It works by lithium ions moving between the negative electrode to the positive electrode during charging/discharging.

The L-ION 002 is easy to charge using the 120V charger. You can then use any home outlet to juice up the lantern. You might have access to an AC outlet when you’re away from home, so this adds to the versatility of the unit.

The main benefit of this functionality is you won’t have to buy fresh batteries. That can add up quickly and especially when a lantern requires several large batteries. The global alkaline battery market was worth over $7.2 billion in 2016, so it’s big business. While single-use batteries can be recycled, they usually end up in a landfill.

When the LED indicator turns green, you’ll know the latter is fully charged. This takes the guesswork out of the process so you’ll know when you can start using the lantern.

The Coleman lantern can also pull double duty by charging your mobile devices using the USB charging port. The USB cord is included, so you won’t have to purchase it separately. This is a plus during activities like camping when you’ll want to minimize how much gear you need to haul with you.

You can get 5 hrs. of lighting on high and 20 hrs. On low. The lantern produces 400 lumens on high and 100 lumens on low. In some cases, you’ll need high power and especially when you’re using the lantern outdoors. However, when you’re reading a book/ebook or using your phone to check email, the low-light lumens is enough.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to replace the LEDs since they’re lifetime units. This is a plus since it can be a hassle when you have to replace your lantern’s bulbs from time to time. There’s also the extra cost you’d have to deal with.

Another plus of the LED bulbs is they also run cool. So you won’t have to deal with them over-heating. This is a plus in terms of safety since lantern bulbs can become a safety issue when they heat up.

The Coleman Lantern also includes a 3-year limited warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions, so you’ll know what it does and doesn’t cover. The T&C includes the legal rights of the manufacturer and customer.


We’ve just reviewed some of the top camping lanterns with rechargeable batteries. Our pick for the best unit is the Luci Inflatable Solar Light by Mpowerd. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill rechargeable lantern. It’s inflatable and juices up using sunlight instead of electricity. You also won’t need to use any extra batteries, which can add up when you have to buy them over and over—and over again.
Mpowerd’s Luci also provides other benefits that put it over the top. You just have to place it in sunlight for 7 years to get a full 12 hrs. of lantern power from the 10 powerful LEDs. Luci is lightweight and inflatable/collapsible/waterproof for better functionality. The solar-powered lantern also includes a 1-year warranty.
Mpowerd’s Luci is definitely the best rechargeable camping lantern.

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