Pumping sewer is an uncomfortable, highly unpleasant task!


RV life wouldn’t be the luxurious adventure it is without the comforts of a toilet on board.


We haul out our hoses and regularly commit to emptying our black tanks.

Since this is one of the nastiest parts of RV life, I want to make sure you’re aware about what is the best RV sewer hose you can buy.

Below is a short video on how to empty the sewer tanks in and RV or Camper.

What Makes a Good Sewer Hose

Up to now, you may have thought, “A sewer hose is just that–a sewer hose!”

But once you’ve had one vomit its content all over your legs and surrounding area–everywhere except into the intended receptacle–you realize there may be more to a sewer hose than you initially thought.

To make your camping experience as pleasant as possible, getting your hands on a good sewer hose is vitally important.

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Consumers look for different qualities in a sewer hose.

1) No leaks. I mean really, who wants to reunite with the contents of your black holding tank?!? Some hoses are known to tear at the fittings or easily puncture from light use on gravel or sand. A good one is made to be rugged, tough, and extreme temperature-resistant.

2) Collapsibility. In an RV or camper trailer, storage space is limited. Consumers seek for sewer hoses that can collapse like an accordian to make storing compact and easy.

3) Translucent Elbow. Not a totally clear one…Users don’t care to see the details of the content. What makes this a good feature is that it allows the user to see when the tank is empty.

4) Stays Connected. Some hoses tend to slip off the connectors during use. A good hose can be attached for a tight seal.

How to Minimize or Spot Leaks in Your Sewer Hose

It’s highly recommended to thoroughly check your sewer hose for tears or punctures before opening your black tank. Animals, weed whackers, or sand abrasion are only a few of the culprits that attribute to tears and punctures.

Some campers like to send some grey water through the hose first in order to see if there’s any potential leakage.

Some companies attach warning labels to their packaging. They warn consumers to tightly secure all fittings into the connections before sending the black water waste through the hose.

Following these instructions could relieve you of some highly unnecessary nasty incidents.

To read more about taking care of your sewer hose, click here.

Here are some free storage and usage tips:

If you’re new to the RV life, the extent of overall maintenance can be overwhelming.

One area I don’t recommend that you overlook is using and storing your sewer hose properly.

You will thank yourself later!

Below is a video on how to hook up your sewer hose.

Make a mental note of these tips.

1. Be aware of the distance you’ll need from your black tank to the dump stations to determine if you’ll need to purchase hose extensions

2. Before your first use, make sure that ALL connections are tightly sealed and securely screwed into the fittings

3. While working with your sewer hose, wear gloves

4. Empty the black water first; then follow with the grey water.

5. After each use, rinse and dry the hose and caps before stowing away

6. Compress hose before putting on the end caps

7. Line your 4-inch bumper with a soft material to keep the hose from wearing out during transportation

8. Be aware that if your hose doesn’t fit into the 4-inch bumper, you’ll need to create another storage method that works for you.

Here is a closer look at the top 5 best RV sewer hoses:

1. Camco RhinoFLEX 20-ft RV Sewer Hose Kit (39742)

The RhinoFLEX sewer hose kit includes everything you need to pump your black tank.

The kit comes with 2 10-foot hose lengths, made with strong polyolefin and strengthened with steel wire that keeps the shape you need even on uneven ground. The hose is easy to extend to any desired length or collapse for compact storage.

Be sure to securely fasten the 4-pronged bayonet and lug fittings which come pre-attached. They swivel for easier use and are designed to ensure a tight seal.

The kit is complete with a 4-in-1 translucent elbow adapter which can easily be attached to any standard sewer connection and end caps for clean, odorless storage.

The hose stores securely in the 4-inch bumper when the 4-in-1 adapter is removed.

Camco RhinoFLEX 20-ft RV Sewer Hose Kit (39742)


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  • Solid, tough material
  • Comes with end caps and translucent elbow
  • Joints are not prone to leak if properly fastened
  • Stays where you put it
  • Collapsible
  • Can usually fit in the 4-inch bumper
  • Kit includes a bonus of 3 drop-in holding tank deodorizers

  • May come with excessive grease on ends
  • The collars may feel difficult to grip

2. Valterra 20-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose Kit

The Valterra sewer hose kit also includes 2 10-foot hoses which can collapse down to 39 inches. You can maneuver the 23-ml thick hose material without difficulty because it stays where you place it.

It comes with pre-installed bayonet fittings that swivel for your convenience and ensure a tight seal while keeping your hose flat.

Included in the kit are storage caps for the ends and a clear, 90° sewer adapter that can attach to 6 different types of sewer connections. The right-angular adapter is a helpful feature that makes the draining process much more tolerable as it aims the hose in your desired direction and usually allows for the hose to remain connected during the procedure.

This hose is too big to fit in the storage bumper; however, it could store well in a 5-inch cylinder of your choice.

The ability for this hose to function with flexibility in extreme temperatures makes this a fabulous choice for all-season use.

Valterra 20-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose Kit


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  • Collapsible
  • Stays where you put it
  • Can stand high and low temperatures
  • Connects easily to other fittings
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Isn’t prone to leaking
  • Has the right stiffness that keeps pockets of waste from remaining in the line

  • Doesn’t fit in the 4-inch storage bumper
  • Sewer adapter is transparent instead of translucent

3. Camco 39634 20′ Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit

Camco’s 39634 sewer hose kit includes 2 10-foot heavy-duty vinyl hoses with pre-attached fittings that rotate 360° for easier use. The fittings are compatible with all campground hookups.

The sewer hose is compressible to 2 feet, but it’s known for its inability to safely stretch out to the full 10-foot length.

Included are 4 storage caps and a translucent sewer hose adapter, complete with a swivel bayonet fitting. You can detach the 4-in-1 adapter to store the hose in the 4-inch bumper.

Some users shave the adapter down in order to store it in the bumper along with the sewer hose.

Camco 39634 20' Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit


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  • Strong
  • Durable, swivel fittings make for an easy, tight hookup
  • Includes hose caps for odorless storage
  • Ready to use–no modifications necessary

  • Doesn’t compress as much as some other hoses
  • Doesn’t stretch out the full 10 feet
  • The new design might not be compatible with older models

4. Thetford 1218.7853 Titan 15-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit – 17853

The Thetford 17853 sewer hose is different from the others mentioned because it comes in a 15-foot length instead of a 10-foot length. This TPE sewer hose is a tough, long-lasting hose that can stand a fair amount of abuse and extreme temperatures.

This kit includes 2 end caps and 1 RevolveTM 5-in-1 sewer adapter with a handle. The sewer adapter and fittings are compatible with any sewer outlet and most dumping stations.

The thick rubber-like sewer hose is excellent in preventing leaks; but it’s hard to get this hose to go where you want it to. Furthermore, since it doesn’t collapse well, it’s difficult to store.

This may be an excellent choice for you if you plan to keep your rig stationary.

Thetford 1218.7853 Titan 15-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit - 17853


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  • Prevents leaks
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Stands abrasive treatment and extreme temperatures
  • Fittings come fused to the ends
  • Caps help store the hose without leaking or smelling
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use

  • Doesn’t collapse well
  • May not fit in the 4-inch bumper storage
  • Hard to store and maneuver
  • Sewer adapter may not be of high quality
  • More for stationary use than travel

5. Lippert 20′ Extended RV Sewer Hose Management System

The Lippert 359724 Sewer Hose Management System is the same system that the liquid transportation industry has trusted for years to deliver a clean and leak-proof sewage drain.

The helical coil allows you to stretch the hose up to 20 feet or compress down to 5½ feet. The smooth interior grants a clean flush without wastes getting caught mid-way.

The hose is built to stay extended while in use.

Complete with a CAM lock connector, the nozzle is innovatively designed to make a horrible task tolerable.

It features an easy grip handle for your maximum comfort and an internal shut-off valve for complete closure. This permanently attached 90° adapter has a clear section for you to see when the tank has completely drained.

The tapered rubber doughnut fitting easily attaches to any sewage inlet.

Although this system is superb, it has a few drawbacks that you may want to fully consider before purchasing it.

It requires you to modify your sewer outlet in order for you to permanently glue the unit to your rig. The upside to this is that you don’t have to worry about connecting the fittings with each use. However, the downside to this is that the sewer hose can’t be stored in your storage bumper.

This system will not work well if you have a low rig with a downward-pointing sewer outlet.

Lippert 20' Extended RV Sewer Hose Management System


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  • Top-quality technology
  • Stretches and collapses easily
  • Durable
  • Not prone to leaking and spilling
  • Easy installation
  • Rinses easily after each use

  • RV needs to be modified in order to use this sewer hose
  • Might not store well in a small rig or camper trailer
  • End permanently attaches to the rig
  • Nozzle is permanently attached–can’t extend or repair without high costs


If you’re looking for a strong, durable sewer hose that easily collapses for compact storage, you may be looking for a kit like the Valtera 20-foot Dominator. It’s affordable and a great choice for any season.

If you’re looking for a very tough solution and finding storage space isn’t a problem for you, I recommend the Thetford Titan. It has a unique hose length of 15 feet which may be just right for your needs, and it’s built to last. 

You may be looking for something different from the ordinary sewer hoses. If you’re ready to make modifications to your rig and be done with refitting connectors with each use, you may want to consider the Lippert 359724. 

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