We all use it!

...several times a day, actually.

So let’s talk about IT!!

You may be new to this RV-ing life or your crapper finally gave in after 20 years of humble service.

In this article, I’ll cover 5 of the best RV toilets according to reviews and top choices to help you make the right choice for your new unit.

Here’s a Quick Overview of the RV Toilets we will be covering

The Toilet Is Probably One of the Most Sacred Places of Privacy in a Home

It’s such an important factor in your life; yet, you don’t usually talk about your toilet.


It fails on you and you need to replace it.

Thankfully, it’s quite an easy process to replace a toilet; however, choosing the right one can be daunting.

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Let’s Consider Some Common Features of RV Toilets

Height: You can commonly get low or high profile toilets.

Your height or your partner’s height can determine which profile is best for you. 

Older people tend to lean toward the high profile toilet which makes it easier for them to get on and off the seat.

Build: RV Toilets are customarily made of plastic or porcelain.

Plastic is a very common choice, but it can often feel whimsical or be prone to leaking.

Porcelain has a classy look and may bring a familiar feel to home. However, it can be tricky to ship such a heavy item without it breaking.

You can read more about the debate between plastic and porcelain

Flushing System: You can choose from a hand-flushing or a pedal-flushing system.

Many buyers are excited about the pedal flusher. They feel it’s more sanitary, and they don’t have to bend over and come up close and personal with their wastes to flush.

Others find the hand-flusher to be exactly what they need, especially if they have kids.

According to reviews, hand flushers may be more durable than pedal flushers.

Hand-Sprayer: Many units come with a hand-sprayer that assists in a clean flush.

Compost Toilet: A unique feature that may peak your interest is a composting toilet.

Buyers are drawn to the environmentally friendly design of this toilet.

Since there’s a level of dedicated commitment that comes with this type of toilet, it’s important to be fully aware about this unit prior to purchasing it

You May Wonder How to Install Your New Toilet

I’m so grateful that most RV toilets are a breeze to install.

Here’s a general Installation Process you can follow:

1) Make sure your waterline is shut off

2) Drain any excess water in the lines

3) Unbolt your old toilet

4) Place the old unit on prepared newspapers or disposable rags

5) If there’s an old rubber seal on the flange, remove it

6) Replace rubber seal if it doesn’t already come with your new unit

7) Set the new toilet on the flange and tighten the bolts to a nice snug seal

8) You may need to extend your water connector hose if your new unit is taller than your old one (Watch a video on how to replace a water connector hose on your toilet below)

9) Reconnect your water line, and you’re good to GO!

Keep in mind this is a general process, and you may need to make alterations according to your specific unit.

Here Are Your FREE RV Toilet Tips

  • Research and study your old toilet before purchasing a new one to save you big headaches during the transition.
  • Measure the height of your old toilet and be aware of the height of your new choice to avoid disappointment.
  • Be sure to empty the water in your toilet bowl before you move your rig to keep the water from splashing over the sides while you’re on the road.
  • check
    When you’re winterizing your rig, remember to remove all remaining water in the lines and valves of your toilet to keep them from freezing and cracking.
  • check
    You can use diluted vinegar in a spritzer can to minimize odor in the urine compartment of your composting toilet. 

If you keep these tips in mind, you may be able to prolong the lifespan of your toilet or avoid some disappointing incidents. Educating yourself on the details of the product can help your purchasing experience be a positive one.

Here are our 5 Best RV Toilets 

1. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush - Thetford 31672 


  • Lightweight (To some this may be a Con)
  • Easy to use and service
  • Installation hardware is included
  • A good height for older people


  • Shallow bowl, may spray out of bowl when flushing
  • Flush valve may be on the tight side
  • Uses ½ inch fitting rather than the traditional ⅞ inch

This Thetford 31672 model offers the comforts of home in a classic style that’s suitable for all RVs. It’s plastic body weighs 9.8 pounds and measures approximately 18 inches high.

It’s designed with a single flush pedal system which when pressed halfway fills up with water and when pushed down all the way, flushes the bowl with 100% water coverage.

Since this is a high profile toilet, you may need to buy a longer connector hose and new fittings to complete your installation.

You may need to put extra care into ensuring the nuts are bolted down for a sturdy, tight seal.

2. Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet


  • Affordable
  • Stylish, clean porcelain bowl
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Comes with a pre-installed seal
  • Installation hardware is included
  • 2-year warranty


  • Plastic seat may not be very durable (Its standard size can easily be replaced)
  • Plastic flush pedal may break easily (It’s non-replaceable)
  • Seams may leak water or odor
  • Has a straight inlet instead of a 90° (May need to acquire an additional 90° piece of tubing to install for kinking prevention)

The Dometic 310 is a gravity flush toilet that resembles a standard home toilet.

It’s designed with a full-sized, elongated adult seat. It weighs nearly 40 pounds and measures a standard height of 18 inches.

The 100% ceramic bowl is uniquely designed with water holes around the rim which allows the toilet to flush in a 360° vortex pattern. Additionally, it comes with a hand spray that works along with the powerful flush to ensure the bowl gets nicely purged.

3. Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Hand Flush - Thetford 31667


  • High profile
  • Very easy to install, use, and service
  • Economical
  • Easy to operate flusher (Can easily be replaced if needed)
  • Comes with a foam rubber flange and installation hardware
  • Comes with a pre-installed seal
  • Can reposition the bolt pattern


  • May need to lengthen your water connector hose
  • Plastic may have a lightweight, flimsy feel to it
  • Has an 8-inch open chamber with no path or funnel from the lid to the black holding tank

The classic Thetford 31667 model is suitable for all recreational vehicles. Its plastic body weighs 9.4 pounds and comes to a height of 18 ½ inches. The high profile makes this a great choice for older people.

This unit is manufactured with a single handle flush system. You pull the handle halfway to allow water to enter the bowl. When you pull the handle all the way, it flushes by covering 100% of the bowl with water.

If you wish, you can add a hand sprayer to the toilet to make for a fine, clean rinse.

4. Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet


  • Doesn’t leave an odor--only an earthy smell
  • Very easy to use
  • Doesn’t use water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Company gives great customer service


  • Pricy
  • Learning how the urine/waste separation works can be tricky
  • Emptying the compost may be an awkward, distasteful chore
  • High maintenance to keep the toilet clean

This self-contained composting toilet is made in the USA. This unit is made of durable stainless hardware and weighs 28 pounds; it comes with a vent hose and a fan to keep the composting compartment dry. It has a long, full-sized seat for added comfort, and three compartments that can easily be disassembled for emptying.

This composting toilet is designed to function without using water nor electricity. This makes it a prime option if you plan to have your rig off-grid temporarily or permanently.

You may be hesitant about the odor. However, the coconut coir or sawdust used does a fine job of absorbing the moisture, leaving you with an earthy smell rather than that of solid wastes.

The urine compartment needs to be changed frequently (every 1-3 days, depending on how many use it). You want to keep a close eye on the level because this is not something you want to have overflowing into your RV. You can opt to spritz diluted vinegar into the bottle to keep the urine from fermenting--thus minimizing the odor.

Thinking of having to change the compost every 2-3 weeks may seem like excessive and disgusting maintenance to you.

Yes, when changing the compartment you may have to deal with uncomposted feces; but when discharging the black holding tank you’re faced with a mixture of urine and feces that has fermented.

In the end, it’s really all about what you want to put up with.

5. Thetford 34429 Aqua Magic Style Plus Toilet, High/White


  • Classy, contemporary design
  • Comfortable and homelike
  • Powerful flush cleans bowl nicely
  • Comes with a pre-installed seal
  • Has a bacteria and mold-fighting seat


  • Doesn't have much space between back of toilet and the wall
  • Not recommended to use harsh cleaners with this toilet
  • Because of its heaviness, it could come broken if not packaged properly

The stylish Thetford 34429 model has a porcelain bowl with a pedal flush system. Its powerful flush cleans up the bowl with a 100% bowl coverage. It comes with a comfortable seat, resembling the one you have at home.

This toilet weighs 45 pounds and has a high profile which is great for tall people or those with difficulties getting up from low positions.

A unique feature is the antimicrobial seat which aids in minimizing odor by preventing the growth of bacteria and mold.

So... Now That We’ve Discussed the Toilet In Great Detail--Which Toilet Is Right For You?

Perhaps you are sold on the environmentally friendly option that requires no water, electricity, black holding tank or sewage pipes; and you don’t mind the idea of having to change up your compost compartments. If this is you, then the Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet may be the one for you! 

If you’re looking for a plastic design with a hand flush, you might want to consider the Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet--Thetford 31667. It’s very economical and the easy-to-use flusher can readily be replaced if necessary. Besides the 8-inch chamber between the lid and the holding tank, this unit seems to be a promising toilet with reliable operation.

If you need a more affordable option that’s both stylish and reliable, you may want to consider the Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet. The porcelain bowl, complete with a pedal flush system, likens to the toilet you have at home. 

You may not have put much thought into your crapper until it needed replacement. Now that you’ve explored your options, you’re only left with choosing what style and features you prefer and ultimately, what you want to live with.

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