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Best Teepee Tent for Camping

Best Teepee Tent for Camping

Teepee tents. Almost everyone can conjure up images of the teepee, whether you routinely played in one made from blankets as a kid or have seen them in film and other media sources. While these traditional tents long served indigenous folk in North America and around the world, the design has garnered attention and favor in the camping and hiking community as well.

The teepee (also spelled tipi) is a spacious, well ventilated, and resilient shelter. If you are the kind of outdoor adventurer who is seeking a hassle-free camping experience without weighing down your gear, a teepee tent might be the right choice for you.

Here are our reviews of the best teepee tents currently available so you can have fun in the backyard with the kids or improve your camping experiences.

The Best Teepee Tents of 2018

1. Guide Gear Teepee Tent 10’ x 10’


  • Waterproof design – 10 panels seamed with waterproofing agent (1000mm coating)
  • Ideal for 2 adults
  • Air flow vents for decreased chance of condensation
  • Military coloring and design
  • 10 foot wide, 6.6 ft at highest point
  • Lightweight – only 14.8 lbs
  • Mesh windows and doors with covers for privacy
  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable and well-made


  • Each of the panels is tied down with guy lines, presenting a slight tipping hazard
  • Doors are too low for taller adults
  • All the ventilation makes tent too cold for winter use

The 10’x 10’ teepee tent by Guide Gear, along with the other sizes of the same model, are some of the most popular teepees on the market right now. The reason is simple: though small, it has a wider footprint and fantastic durability. The tent will fit two sleeping cots without an issue, as well as gear and up to 3 adults.

If you remove your cots, 4 people can fit inside. Supporting the tent is a strong steel rod that has a plastic cup on the bottom to insulate it from lightning strikes. The tent is also completely waterproof, thanks to the overall construction and materials.

2. Guide Gear Deluxe Teepee Tent 14’ x 14’


  • Conveniently place vestibule to place gear, boots, and even pets
  • Sewn in floor keeps dirt, bugs, and water out
  • Great price for the size and efficiency
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Sleeps up to 10 people comfortably – extremely spacious inside
  • Great ventilation makes this tent ideal for summertime
  • Excellent stability in good weather


  • Additional waterproofing sealant is required
  • Not adequate for winter
  • Only 1 entrance
  • Ground pegs are not strong enough to withstand high-velocity windows

Much larger than the previously mentioned Guide Gear model, the 14’ x 14’ is super roomy, has a vestibule, and even a cool design that is actually functional. First, let’s discuss the vestibule, which allows you to leave all muddy and wet gear in a separate space away from all your clean belongings and bedding.

Or, if you have pets, you can use this vestibule as a room just for them. The Guide Gear 14’ x 14’ is also easy to set-up, because it requires one person and a single center pole to stand.

However, what really makes this tent special would be the 1200mm PU waterproof coating and 190D polyester shell to keep everyone dry inside. Ventilation is also decent, so you needn’t worry about summertime heat.

3. Winterial 12’ x 12’ Teepee Tent


  • Sleek design and eye-catching color scheme
  • Experienced campers can set-up the tent in 5 minutes or less; extremely easy to assemble
  • Excellent stability and durability during inclement weather
  • Waterproof
  • Rain cap for additional protection
  • 2 zippered doors for easy entrance
  • Good ventilation and well placed windows for natural light
  • Lightweight – only 15 pounds
  • Fits inside a backpack


  • Stakes are weak, and many users recommend replacing them with a stronger set
  • Lack of mesh in windows allows bugs to come in
  • More expensive than some other models
  • Fits 8 people – but not comfortably

Moving away from the Guide Gear brand, Winterial is another excellent option. The Winterial teepee tent has a high ceiling and plenty of space—but that’s not what separates it from the pack.

What’s really the shining feature is that this tent weighs only 15 pounds but can fit 6 people without any issues. Another plus is the simple yet durable zippers for the flaps that are covered, which is a selling point against Guide Gear, whose zippers are exposed to the elements.

Furthermore, the tent comes with a rainfly, has waterproof materials (like a rain cap), and an attached bottom to keep insects and moisture from getting inside. However, as with other tents listed, you’re going to need to take extra steps to ensure 100% water resistance.

If you’re looking for a way to strengthen this tent against the wind, a worthwhile investment would be heavy duty aluminum alloy stakes, or check out our list of best tent stakes. Once you have a better set, you’ll be amazed how well this tent performs.

4. Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL 12-Person 18’ x 18’ Camping Tent


  • Huge tent, ideal for family outings
  • Unique, stylish design will make you the envy of the campground
  • Great ventilation – perfect for hot summer camping
  • Weatherproofed windows with PVC covering
  • Floor vents and roof mesh panels for ideal ventilation
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Center pole design


  • Tent is difficult to set up and disassemble
  • Not made for small spaces
  • Lacks mesh inserts for windows so bugs might get in that way
  • Flooring is not sewn to the tent and requires clips to attach -- keep that in mind if it rains. 

Going somewhere buggy? This teepee tent by Tahoe Gear—a well-known name in the camping world—is going to keep you safe from those creepy crawlies, no problem. There are 4 PVC windows, several flooring vents, and meshed roof slats to keep the interior well ventilated while keep insects out.

The fabric is also 1000mm polyester, ensuring that the tent also holds up well against inclement weather conditions. Sizing is decent, allowing you to fit 4 queen sized mattresses inside without any spacing problems.

5. Custom Norway Lavvu Teepee Tent


  • Cheaper alternative to other lavvy style tipi tents out there
  • 18 month extended warranty offered
  • Made of durable 100% waterproof 210T ripstop polyester
  • Sealed seams
  • Aluminum poles
  • Added rainfly
  • Excellent moisture and mosquito protection
  • Stovepipe can be used inside when mosquito net is opened at the top, making this tent useable in the winter
  • Can fit 5 people comfortably
  • Durable zippers
  • Separate set of stakes for loamy soil


  • No flooring, which can be disappointing and unsettling to some campers (but since many use this tent for winter, you wouldn’t want a floor anyway)
  • No transparent screens or windows include

Though this lavvu styled tent is made in China, its quality when compared to US and European lavvu tents is commendable. The polyester that makes up the tent is waterproof 210T ripstop, and the zipped doors and double-layered windows provide enough circulation during the summer months to keep the inside cool and comfortable.

The tent can also fit 8 people. In the winter, you can fit in a stove pipe, too, making this an excellent choice for those who wish to do 4-season camping.

6. Hasika 4-Season 10 Person Camping Tent


  • Compact and lightweight (24 lbs)
  • High center to accommodate even the tallest of campers
  • Strong steel support pole
  • Taped seams and 190D material
  • Meshed and waterproofed windows
  • Can fit up to 10 people comfortably
  • Useable in all four seasons
  • Comes with flysheet


  • Large footprint makes finding adequate camping space a challenge
  • When folded up wet, mildew may develop
  • Needs waterproofing spray to be completely 100% waterproof

When you need to fit a lot of people, you look to the Hasika 4-Season tent that has enough space to get 10 people inside and out of the rain with no problem. The unique design opens up a lot of head space, and there is enough ventilation and natural light to keep everyone breathing easy.

The windows are also waterproofed, so you will find this tent is even enjoyable during wintertime. All the seams are factory sealed, but you will want to add additional waterproofing sealant just to be careful. Other than that, this tent is durable, sturdy, and spacious enough to be well worth the investment.

Pros of Teepee Tents for Camping

Back in the day, the traditional canvas teepee was had a skeleton of wooden poles that took a long time to set up and take down. However, with modern innovations, that minus has been corrected. Teepee tents of today was lightweight, portable, and quickly assembled. Some tent designs can be set up in under 10 minutes, which is ideal if you’re looking for fast shelter in inclement weather.

Speaking of inclement weather, the main benefit of the teepee tent design is that it is resistant to strong winds. Because of the cone shape, the tent is actually aerodynamic and allows the wind to move right around it instead of getting caught in corners and square walls.

If you have a larger teepee tent with decent ventilation in the roof and room for a higher ‘flame reach,’ you could even do some light cooking inside—though it is extremely important that you know what you’re doing and can control the flame. Spitting guards are a must!

Cons of Teepee Tents

Now, for the downside of the teepee tent design. The circular footprint can create space issues, especially since almost anything that you place inside to sleep on is rectangular. Because there is bound to be a support pole at the center of the tent, you’re forced to put down your sleeping bag or mattress off to either side, which might not fit due to the curve. In a traditional camping tent, this wouldn’t be an issue.

The other disadvantage is that these tents aren’t really suitable for tall individuals. Due to the slanted walls, taller people will need to stoop. The other problem with the sloping walls is that, if you do get caught in a rainstorm, the droplets are landing closer to your face, meaning the sound is going to seem louder than if you were inside a regular tent, so if you don’t like the sound of rain or are a light sleep, you probably won’t be getting much shut-eye.

Final Thoughts

Teepee, otherwise spelled as tipi, tents are never going to go out of style. Not when there are awesome choices such as the ones listed above to keep you dry, warm, and safe when camping. Whether you need a teepee tent for a single camper or are looking to accommodate larger groups, there are sizes and designs that fit your needs and want of headspace. 

Just keep in mind that while most of these tents have some weather-proofing components, you’re going to want to spend a little extra on new pegs and waterproofing sealant. That said, no matter which of the aforementioned teepee tents you choose from, you know you are making a worthwhile investment and can look forward to many days outdoors.

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