How to Build a Yard Fence

How to Build a Yard Fence

How to Build a Garden Retaining Wall

How to Build a Garden Retaining Wall

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How to Build a Deck Step-by-Step

How to Build a Deck Step-by-Step

The first thing you need to build a deck is to get a permit but to do that you will need to provide a scale site plan and construction drawings .

building permit

These construction drawings should have a bird’s eye view of the outline of your plan. You can even take help from a professional deck builder or hire a construction firm to help you with blue prints. Try to experiment with different deck sizes and shapes to find the one that suits you the best.

It is best that you get the help of a friend or two as building your own deck may require a bit of man power and manual help. If you are a new enthusiast, trying your hand at carpentry for the first time, than it may take you anywhere between a week or two to get build your deck.

When building a deck you have to think about the future as well so make sure that the lumber you are using is of good quality and weather resistant. To make the wood last longer keep it out of contact with soil so that it is protected against mold.

For economy and long life make sure your deck frame is pressure treated. For the the fastest and safest building, use stock dimension lumber and galvanized metal fittings. Use a post hole digger to make deep narrow holes. For the piers, mix and pour concrete in the hole for extra friction.

For a normal deck that doesn’t have to carry heavy loads, three piers should be enough for a 12x20’ deck. The middle pier should be placed at equal distance from the corners. To attach the posts to the top of the concrete pier you need to set three adjustable post base anchors.

The anchors hold the the bottom of the posts in place and create a space between the actual concrete and wood posts. They bolt to the concrete pier with a single bolt and are slotted for adjustability to give you the perfect placement.

To place the anchor you must first determine the the position of the post on the pier. The front rim joist (Joist refers to the boards set on the edge a uniform distance apart, held in place at the the ends by the perpendicular rim joists) will be nailed to the the side of the post.


The same goes for the two side joists on either end of the deck. Once this is done the joists need to be attached, the recommended bolts are of size 3/8 inches in diameter and 4 inches, minimum, in length. Add a single metal washer for each bolt. Once the joist has been placed, temporarily nail the first and last joists.

Now make your spacers by cutting 3/8 inch scraps for spacers for the first few rows then measure to the front joist. Now add the the boards to your deck structure by nailing them to the structure.

And finally use a good wood preserver to protect the wood from any type of fungus, mold or insects. Paint the deck with weather proof paint for further protection. Your deck is now complete so enjoy.

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