How to Build a Deck Step-by-Step

How to Build a Deck Step-by-Step

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Bose Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

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How to Build a Garden Retaining Wall

How to Build a Garden Retaining Wall

If you think that retaining walls are used for soil erosion only than think again. With the innumerable choices available for the type of material and the various ways to modify the walls, you can now unleash your creativity and add your own touch to the wall to beautify your landscape.

One of the basic reasons to build a garden retaining wall is to preserve water and soil. Additionally, it gives your landscape a neat and tidy appearance. I t is also a good way to protect your garden beds. Building a garden retaining wall is simple and inexpensive; therefore, many people opt for building it by themselves. If you are one of those people, here is a simple guide to help you with your DIY garden retaining wall project.

Removing the Excess Soil and Clearing the Area

This is the step that may require some help. You need to remove excess soil with the help of an earth mover. You can hire an experienced earth mover to get this job done. Once you have removed the excess earth and left behind with the vertical earth, you can start building your wall against it.

Mark the Area

You need to mark the area parallel to the earth wall. You need space to work so mark this area cautiously. All the markings should be done with the help of a string that is ten inches from the base of the wall.

Peg the Area

You need to put in attach your string to the pegs that mark the end of the wall. Make sure that the string is pulled taut and attached securely. Now you need to place after every three feet, under the string. These marks indicate the place where your posts will stand to support the retaining wall.

Dig In the Holes

You need to make deep holes for the posts. The holes should be as deep as the wall is going to be high. This not only gives support to the wall but also leaves extra few inches of space for gravel that goes beneath each post. The holes should be at least a foot and an inch large in diameter.

Tip: You can use mechanical post-hole borer to help you with digging the holes.

Gravel and Concrete

Once the holes are ready, put in about four inches worth of gravel and insert timber posts. Mix concrete and pour around the timber posts to the top of the posts. At this point make sure that the posts are inclined towards the wall. The concrete requires about a few days to harden which means that you can sit back and relax for a couple of days.

Building the Wall

Garden Retaining Wall

Before you begin this step, be sure that the concrete has set completely. Now nail the planks to the posts near the earth wall. The space between the planks and the wall needs to be filled with scoria gravel. Leave about a foot of space from the top of the wall. Fill the rest of the space with top soil, all the way to the top.

Your garden retaining wall is ready! You can even add lightening to give an aesthetic touch to your wall.

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