Don’t want to spend too much money on building your yard fence by hiring a pro? Here is a stress-free way to build a yard fence on your own with easy and simple steps.

Yard fences come in different heights and shapes. Wood fences are the best ones as they are classy as well as functional at the same time. If you are leaning towards privacy then a 6 foot fence is perfect for you but if you prefer a view then a 4 foot fence is the one you should be going for.

building permit

The first thing you need to do before you build a fence is get a permit from city hall. When you apply for the permit you will get a rule book for building fences that inform you about all the little legal things such as property lines, allowable height, required setback from property lines etc.

If you build your fence too high or in the wrong place you might be forced to tear it down.

Next use a metal detector to find your property stakes that indicate the perimeter of your property. Now that you have the perimeter for your fence use cardboard cut outs to get an example of how it would look like after the fence is built.

Once you find the one that suits your need, get a measuring tape to take the distance of the fence. Place the posts of the fence 8 foot apart for maximum efficiency as this will save you some digging effort but would also be enough to hold out against harsh winds and gravity to prevent sagging.

fence post holes

Use at least three horizontal 2x4 or two 2x6 beams on which you will add your fence panels. When you have the posts and the supports for the panels installed, you add the panels by attaching them to the beams using a nail gun with corrosion resistant nails.

When making the gates in your fence, be sure to make them extra wide so you can easily accommodate your lawn equipment. Bigger gates also provide you easy access for transporting large objects through your yard such as a lawn mower, wheel barrow etc.

Prevent future hassle by making sure to add a removable panel in your fence so that large objects that require pickup trucks or large vehicles can have easy access to your yard to deposit their loads instead of having them leave it at your sidewalk.

fence post panel

The fences all don’t have to be of the same height. You can even add different heighted panels at different points. You can even add designs and intricate patterns for style to the posts and panels. You can your own touch by being a little creative and playing around with colors and textures.

Be sure to use good quality wood for your fence. Use a weather resistant paint when painting the fences and make sure that the wood is properly cured and has protection against rot. Now enjoy your privacy or your stylish fence (whichever one you prefer).

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