Coleman is the world’s leading company in camping gear, including tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, stoves, coolers and electric LED lights and yes including Coleman Table Top Gas Grills. Almost everyone in every corner of the world has heard this name for at least once till date. Taking the lead in gas grills and stove manufacturing, many of you are frequent customers of this brand.

But for those who are new to the Coleman table top gas grills and intend to purchase one, there are things you need to know to make your buy the best of the class. So, for those who are willing to be served hot, it is important for them to be aware of the best Coleman table top gas grills. Whether it’s a gala lunch or a backyard party, it’s important to pick the right grill for yourself irrespective of the kind of environment you will be cooking in.

Below we picked the 5 Best Coleman table top gas grills:

1. Coleman NXT Lite Standup Propane Grill

The next generation Coleman NXT Lite Propane Standup Grill is a ridiculously hot gas grill you should watch out for. Sporting the unique red shade, this Lite edition of the Coleman NXT is a powerhouse. Equipped with an incredibly powerful 8500 BTU system. This gas grill allows you to grill, roast, and sear any food of your preference with ease.

The NXT lite Coleman table top gas grill has a large grill space of 168 square inches backed with the advanced heat core technology which directs heat in the localised areas for stovetop cooking. In addition, the Coleman NXT Lite features the unique push button based InstaStart push-button ignition technology specially designed for matchless lighting. So that you can forget all your worries of carrying a match around at all times!

The NXT Lite gas grill also includes Even-Temp burners and PerfectFlow system which allows for consistent, continuous cooking performance. This gives rise to a steady fuel stream (when the fuel level is low, at high altitudes, during cold weather) respectively.

The Coleman NXT Lite Standup Propane Grill comes with a steel side table which is engineered heavily to withstand heat and the whole gas grill can be folded vertically for easy storage. It is also loaded with porcelain-coated stamped steel grill surface to ensure that you have zero problems during high-temperature cooking. Moreover, the gas grill comes with a secured latch system which fastens its legs for easy transport, backed by rugged, durable, and solid wheels which allow you to move it through any terrain. This is a real gem among the Coleman table top gas grills.

 2. Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill

The Coleman Roadrtrip Party Grill is another powerhouse from Coleman. Inheriting the legendary durability and features of its ancestors, the Coleman 9940-A55 Roadtrip Party Grill is like a whale in a pond. Loaded with 8000 BTU system with full adjustable burner control, this gas grill is ready to give you the grill of your life!

Ideal for fishing trips, camping, and tailgaters or even for you backyard parties, the Coleman Roadtrip Party Grill delivers more than you can expect. Weighing 7.1 pounds, this Coleman model features the classic PerfectFlow propane pressure control system thereby assuring to provide you with consistent, reliable cooking performance. Also produces a steady fuel stream (when the fuel level is low, at high altitudes, during cold weather) respectively. In addition, this gas grill is also equipped with the easy-to-use InstaStart ignition to give you the ultimate experience of hassle-free matchless lighting.

The Coleman Roadrtrip Party Grill comes with dishwater-safe components and also includes a lid along with a carrying bag for easy portability and protection. Besides, this highly crafted propane grill is loaded with detachable legs that fit inside the grill for easy transport.

3. Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill

The Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill is absolutely the coolest one in the hottest category. Sounding as hot as it can get, this Coleman grilling machine is the perfect one for camping, road trips, picnics, beach parties etc. Its sleek compact design makes it easy to transport and store—so that you can pick up and go!

Equipped with 8000 BTU system with full adjustable burner control, Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill is big enough to prepare delicacies for 4-6 people. In addition, it comes with a dome-shaped hinged lid which is built tough (beyond the heavy-duty mark) to provide the consistent and unique “real grill” performance coupled with superb heating efficiency. This handy grill can be carried in your car trunk, backseat, cycle basket, or even by hand, such is the power of its portability.

The Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill is superiorly built, thanks to the high quality materials employed during manufacturing. This extremely durable tabletop grill also features a porcelain coating for further elegance; it even sports of a stamped-steel grill gate which can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher and a removable grease tray. A convenient carry handle also comes free with the Coleman Fold N Go Portable Grill thereby narrating the story behind its name once again.

4. Coleman Camp Propane Grill

If there’s any propane grill to steal the show, then it’s none other than the one and only Coleman Camp Propane Grill. Boasting of a massive 11000 BTU system, this heavyweight grill will show you what actual “cooking power” is like. Truly a beast of beasts, the Coleman Camp Propane Grill occupies 180 square inches of cooking area and is perfectly loaded for you to cook in any area of your preference.

This steel-crafted, highly durable, propane powered Coleman grill sports of a removable grease management tray which is dishwasher-safe for easy and quick cleaning. Weighing 3 pounds, it also features the superior PerfectHeat technology to enable you for more cooking with less fuel. Thanks to this smart and efficient fuel management technology. In addition, this grilling machine is equipped with the unique WindBlock systems whose panels provide cover to the burners from wind and even fold down for use as side tables.

Furthermore, the Coleman Camp Propane Grill is loaded with the PerfectFlow system to provide consistent heat even in the coldest and windiest of days. The porcelain-coated grate as well as the cooking surface allow for easy cleanup, so you’re always ready for your next meal!

5. Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill

The Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill is the high-tech version of the The Coleman Fold N Go Propane Grill. Again, seeming to be the coolest of the lot, this grill has enough power to make your seat and meal hot. Easy to transport and convenient enough to carry, this propane-powered grill from Coleman is equipped with a 6000 BTU system with fully adjustable burner control.

Flaunting the bright sporty red color and weighing only 0.04 pounds, the The Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill features the highly engineered PerfectFlow system for reliable high performance heat flow even in the extreme conditions. Also, it is loaded with the PerfectHeat technology to enable efficient cooking even on low fuel supply. This grill occupies an area of only 105 square inches and has dimensions of 16.6” (length) × 14.5” (breadth) × 6.8” (height)

The Coleman Fold N Go Instastart Grill comes with a dishwasher-safe removable grease tray for easy cleaning. Finally, the most amazing part, this grill features the unique InstaStart technology for matchless lighting and hence the name! This durable easy-to-carry elegant grill comes with a convenient carry handle and is always ready for your next adventure to the camps, forest, beach, and beyond.

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