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Cooking Meals on a Campfire

cooking with campfire

Campfires can be enjoyed in so many ways, from keeping you warm and dry to providing entertainment, and better yet, cooking! Campfires are incredibly versatile when it comes to cooking delicious meals, and worth the little bit of extra time it takes. The smoke from the fire creates a unique flavor in the food that can’t be topped. Perfect for a camping trip, the beach, or even your own backyard, these recipes will please any crowd.

Before you begin to build your fire, plan ahead of time. Make sure you have checked out the local fire regulations or no-burning zones. These may vary from place to place and may also depend on the time of year and weather. Once you have found the perfect spot, assess the surrounding area to ensure that a fire will not impact the environment. Keep the fire at a safe and manageable height, and don’t forget to properly extinguish it when you are all finished.

Depending on what you have on the menu, there are several cooking techniques, from open flames to seasoned coals. For the perfect golden-brown marshmallow or evenly cooked hot dog, spot the perfect patch of glowing coal. If you have a Dutch oven handy, these work great for cooking more delicate dishes such as fish and vegetables.

For more tips on building a fire and cooking delicious campfire meals check out the infographic below or the full article by our friends at eReplacementParts.com.

cooking with campfire

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