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Swing Away Your Stress On Patio Swing with Canopy

Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras

Outdoor Hidden Security Cameras

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Easy Steps to Build a Shed From Scratch

Easy Steps to Build a Shed From Scratch

Are you fed up with your garage being overloaded with family stuff and your unfinished project? Is there no space for putting away things in closet as well? If yes, than it is about time that you build a shed in your backyard. This will not only help you in putting away your things in a neat order but will also help you in uncluttering your garage.

Building a shed from scratch by yourself can save you tons of money and furnish a place that is in accordance to your desire. For building a shed you must first ponder upon a few considerations such as the type of shed, size, availability of space, your budget and whether you require an official permission from your community zoning department.

If this is your first time building a shed than it is better to order a shed plan or blueprint from a professional company. The blueprints come with handy illustrations, list of material needed, diagrams and customer support along with handy tips. This will make it easier for you as a beginner.


Step 1:

As with all the construction processes, you must start with the foundation and floor frame for your shed. This is an important step as the stability and strength of your shed depends upon it. Excavate the space where you need to build your shed and fill it with gravel in order to lay solid foundation. The basic outline of the floor frame will be built with the help of timber skids and rim joists.


Step 2:

Once the foundation and floor frame is ready, next comes the walls. This work has to be done with accuracy and very carefully. If the frames are not lined in the right order the structure would remain weak and may fall apart at any time. The right order for framing the walls is back wall, front wall than side walls.


Step 3:

Roofing is a critical step in shed building process. Roof acts as mucilage that holds the walls together up along the floor. Take a look at the rafter templates in your blueprints and determine the cutting patters. For proper reinforcement hang the rafters by separating them with blocks. If the roof is not sturdy enough than it can collapse under harsh weather conditions. This stage may require some help, it is better to take help from a friend.


Step 4:

Create your gable wall plates and assemble the lookout for overhang rafters and be sure that the nails are facing each other in the correct order.


Step 5:

The basic structure of your shed is now complete. At this stage you need to cover up the ‘bones’ of this skeleton. Note that sub-fascia come first followed by sheathing. Sheathing begins at the lowest point of the roof.


Step 6:

Now add the door and windows and trims to your shed. It is easier to buy an already constructed door rather than making one by yourself. Security should be your prime concern therefore buying a door lock is also essential.

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