Hardcore campers, hikers, and survivalists love all-in-one packages. Making life easier is part of getting through a grueling hike or a SHTF situation. That is why many outdoor fans thoroughly enjoy the Hennessy Hammock. The revolutionary design of the Hennessy Hammock is worthy of praise and could potentially become one of your most prized tools for living off the land—literally. Here is an honest look at Hennessy Hammocks, the designs, pros and cons, and the costs.

About Hennessy Hammock

The product was created by Tom Hennessy, who has been avidly hiking for over 60 years and designing customized hammocks since 1984. In 1999, REI noted that Hennessy’s designs were revolutionary.

In order to perfect the design of the Hennessy Hammock, Tom Hennessy traveled all over the world and developed over 50 prototype models to fit all kinds of conditions and weather. Now, he holds 5 patents.

One of these patents deals with the comfort level of the hammocks. You will notice that Hennessy Hammock is asymmetrical—and this is for good reason. For those who are tall, have injuries, arthritis, and other conditions, spending the night on the ground can be equivalent to torture. The Hennessy Hammock reduces pressure points by suspending the camper over the ground.

According to the Hennessy Hammock website, every one of the 24 specialty hammocks available is a “complete shelter system for one price.” Regardless of the model you choose, every style includes the following:​

  • A detachable rainfly
  • “No see um” mosquito mesh with elastic “hold open”
  • Gear loft
  • Lightweight construction
  • Stuff sack with set-up instructions (and set-up should take less than 5 minutes)
  • Support ropes that are “six times stronger than the weight rating of the hammock
  • ”Complimentary 42”, 72” or 96’ long “Tree Hugger” webbing straps to protect the trees you may anchor it to
  • Environmentally-friendly set-up that does not require levelling, trenching or staking

When purchasing a Hennessy Hammock, you get the chance to customize the tent so that it suits your needs. Some features you can choose include:

  • A hammock that matches your size and weight
  • Classic or Zip entry – the classic entry is Velcro and snap-buttons; the traditional side-entry hammock has a heavy-duty zip enclosure.
  • Single or Double Bottomed – Do you need more or less insulation? Do you plan on sleeping in a buggy area? Double bottoms may be better for you.
  • Extra Insulation options – Since the hammock will be suspended above the ground, air circulates all around the hammock. Insulation may be necessary in cooler climates.
  • Webbing strap upgrade
  • Bigger rainfly upgrade
  • Snakeskin fly

Sounds incredible, right? Further, knowledgeable survivalists will agree that there are multiple advantages of being off the ground when outdoors. Heat retention and safety from dangerous animals is just the beginning.

Reviews of Various Series

Before deciding to spend your money on a Hennessy Hammock, read some candid reviews of the more popular products to help you decide.

Expedition Series

Specifications: 6ft long; holds up to 250lbs (183cm, 113kg)

This is the standard all-in-one package for hikers and campers who want comfort, performance, and a simplistic set-up for a reasonable price. The design is very solid when properly set. When compared to some other models, the Expedition series is the one that excels at being a sleeping bag. When lying flat, there is extra shoulder space; and there is even a mesh pouch to store small items nearby. Being that this is one of the lightest models, it may be shocking just how much the Expedition series can endure.​


  • Perfect for back sleepers that need head and shoulder space
  • Built-in bug net
  • Made of durable 201 denier nylon with double-stitched seams
  • Withstands light rain and snow
  • Rainfly withstands light wind
  • Compact design


  • Weighs 41oz (including the 10oz detachable rainfly)
  • Laying directly on fabric is no comfortable
  • Cannot sit up in the hammock
  • Included rainfly is inadequate for heavy downpours
  • Shorter cables make it difficult to pitch – some prior preparations may be necessary to speed up the process

Explorer Deluxe Asym

Specifications: 7ft long; holds up to 300lbs (213cm, 135kg)

Though it is designed the same as the Expedition Asymmetrical above, because of the size and weight allowance, the Explorer Deluxe is the ideal set-up for someone who is a little heavier or taller than average. Since this design comes with either the classic bottom entry or with zip enclosure, it can choose depending on the conditions of your upcoming hiking excursions. Whether you are in super-buggy Panama or enjoying a refreshing trip in the mountains, the Explorer Deluxe is provides accommodation and even some luxury. Unlike the Expedition, the Explorer Deluxe has room for moving around and repositioning yourself.


  • Made of 210 denier Oxford nylon
  • Included rainfly is made of 70 denier polyurethane and coated with polyester ripstop
  • Weighs around 3lbs when folded
  • Straightforward set-up and take down (compared to other models)
  • Ideal for side-sleepers
  • Built-in bug net that retains heat for all-year usage


  • Standard rain fly will not cover a larger camper, so opt for the Hex fly instead
  • Because the bug net retains heat, be sure to find some place with adequate ventilation

Ultralight Backpacker

Specifications: 7ft long; holds up to 300lbs (213cm, 135kg)

Though the words “ultralight backpacker” may make you think that you are getting a rudimentary design and cheap price, you do not. The Ultralight Backpacker is ideal for solo backpackers moving throughout a wooded area. The construction is designed to withstand raging thunderstorms but has great versatility. The fly can be configured differently to fit the weather conditions.

Many users have discussed that when paired with an under quilt or another means of insulation, the Ultralight Backpacker is more than enough for a single camper to stay warm, dry, and happy throughout the night. It has also been noted for this particular model that back and side-sleepers will be most comfortable. Stomach sleepers may have a hard time getting comfortable.


  • Incredibly comfortable for side-sleepers
  • Perfect for humid conditions
  • Superior ventilation
  • Highly functional and versatile
  • Compact and lightweight (2lbs 10oz)
  • Bug netting works at 100%
  • Extremely durable


  • Moving around inside is difficult, especially with bottom (classic) entrance.
  • Set-up learning curve
  • Fly requires careful setup, and standard fly may not be adequate for more intense weather conditions
  • Not adequate for extreme wintry conditions (can be fixed by purchasing additional insulation)

Is a Hennessy Hammock Worth the Purchase?

Though the Hennessy Hammock does have some design flaws, and the cheaper models that went unlisted are arguably much less comfortable, these 3 models are indeed worth it. Price tag aside, the Hennessy Hammock requires very little alteration to be done. What comes with the hammock is adequate for the recreational camper who travels on clear days. Plus, when considering the overall cost in comparison to traditional tents, the Hennessy Hammock is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. And who does not love knowing they are protected from cold earth, animal attacks, and bugs?

Whether you merely want a very comfortable place to sleep overnight or want a sleep in the hammock every day for the rest of your life, the Hennessy Hammock is up to the challenge. The patented design is definitely trustworthy; and the safety is unbeatable.​

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