Composting is not for everybody. In my experience I have come to learn that you either like it or you don’t, there is no in between. Composting your kitchen and yard waste reduces garbage and you also get nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden and that too without spending money.

Composting can be done in two ways. You can either compost your waste in open air or in a bin, turning it over with the help of a pitch fork or you can use a composting tumbler. Composting tumblers are a neat way of composting waste. It is also effective in keeping away malodor as well as rodents and other insects.

As composting becomes more and more popular among commercial gardeners as well as homeowners, a number of different brands have emerged in the market.

The designs and structures of composting tumblers have also taken a giant leap from being a simple barrel to high quality recycled plastic bins in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of different people.

Among numerous manufacturers making composting tumblers, Mantis has come to stand tall due to its sturdy designs, solid body and great customer service.

Features of Mantis Compost Tumblers

Each compost tumbler designed by Mantis is easy to use and long lasting. Some of the features of Mantis compost tumbler are:

Modern Designs:

The composters are designed to keep rodents and other insects away. The air vents allow a smooth passage of air through the composter bin. The doors are equipped with drainage units to allow excess moisture to escape through as too much moisture can cause the composting materials to rot and become soggy.

Quality Control:

Mantis takes special care that each product should meet the highest level of quality control. Their products are durable and come with a two year warranty. The steel body and bins are well-built for lasting use.

Easy To Use:

Most composting tumblers become hard to rotate when full. However, this is not the case with Mantis compost tumblers. The drums are easy to rotate even when fully loaded.

Mantis offers various designs for compost tumbler. The capacity of composting bin varies to suite different needs, e.g.

The Original Mantis Compost Tumbler

Mantis Compost Tumbler

This compost tumbler has the capacity to hold six 30-gallon of trash bags of composting materials. This is ideal for people with vast estates and for gardeners who grow plants for commercial purposes.

The Back Porch CompostTumbler

It is ideal for people who have small backyards or gardening areas. It is a mobile compost tumbler that can easily be moved around and has the capacity to hold one and a half 30-gallon trash bags of compostable. 

The Compost-Twin

As the name suggests, it includes two composting bins that lets the composting waste to ‘cook’ in one bin while simultaneously allowing the user to fill second bin with more trash. It has a whopping 25 cubic feet capacity to hold waste.

The Easy Spin CompostTumbler

It consists of small sized compost drum to enable easy placing on deck, kitchen or back yard. Ideal for homeowners who are new to composting and wish to gain experience or people with small household.

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