Kayaks have proven to be useful over a long period of time. They have been used for transportation over both large and small water bodies; they have been good hunting and fishing tools. Kayaks are also used for recreational and research activities today. According to paddling.net, there are different types of Kayaks for various activities; recreational kayaks, fishing, sporting, sea touring and whitewater. Ensure you have packed all the important gadgets for your little tour; the most essential include a paddle, whistle and a personal flotation device.


1.0 Twin-Lakes Recreation Area

Apart from having a great lake, Twin lakes has a recreational area, playgrounds, a dump station, electric sites, modern toilets and shower houses. If planning for a camp, this would be a nice place to visit. Twin Lake has two-group tenting camping sites that also suit persons with disabilities; It is also has a swimming beach and a suitable open place where fishing activities can be held.

Source: https://www.twinlakescanoeandkayak.com/

2.0 Lake Monroe

Lake Monroe is a place that offers people a chance to navigate the waters using your own kayak or canoe. This is a great place to meet different people because the club usually organizes training and paddling trips for sea and touring kayaks; where people explore new waters and put their kayaking skills into great use.

There are usually trips organized overnight on other lakes found in Indiana region.




3.0 Lake Superior

There are two heart-shaped lakes that deposit their waters in Lake Superior. They give an awesome view of the lake and surroundings just after the last turn to the main lake.

4.0 Cloe Lake

For recreational activities like fishing and soft stone collection; the clear waters of Cloe Lake Reservoir Lake in Jefferson County should be able to give you a clear view of fish. According to Pennsylvania Great Outdoors; it is good for fishing. The variety of fish found here is pan, bass and trout fish. This lake does not allow any form of electronic-driven boats and canoes thus a kayak would be gentle not to drive the fish away.


5.0 Duck Lake

Duck lake state park is located in North Muskegon; it is a 728 acre park that stretches to Lake Michigan. It is a lake full of many recreational facilities; you can go kayak-fishing in the cool waters, go for swimming (the lake has a sandy beach), snow-bowling, metal detecting and hunting.

6.0 Lake Huron

Being the fifth great-water lake, according to Britanica.com, Lake Huron is a must-go place for your kayaking.  It is a historic lake where ship wreck deposits are found at the bottom of the lake. It is a fast water lake with many streams draining their waters into it. Because of this, water retention is quite low. This is a great place for people who love fun and would like to engage in kayak-racing competitions.


7.0 Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Claire is what we call ‘Classic;’ it is a haven where everyone can explore and practice their passion. Found in Ontario, it is connected to two main rivers, Detroit River and The Saint Claire River, which connects Lake Huron to its North and Lake Erie to the south. The rivers connected make kayaking a wonderful experience.

8.0 Hamlin Lakes

Hamlin Lake is found in Michigan State; it is one of the perfectly-tailored places to enjoy gliding your kayak smoothly over the waters. Hamlin Lake has a beautiful beach on its shores. This is a good place for beginners; you can rent a kayak at The Hamlin Concession and Canoe Rental; where you can get a guide to help you know how to paddle a kayak.

The Hamlin coast shore has a four-mile trail where you can spend a whole weekend kayaking.

9.0 Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the second largest fresh water lakes with many rivers draining their waters into it. For people who would like to experience sea-kayaking; then this is the ultimate place.



10.0 Higgins Lake

South Higgins Lake State park has nice lakes suitable for kayaking. It is a nice place where you can organize kayaking racing with friends and family. The 1000 acre state park is just a mile away from Higgins Lake. The shores of this lake are favorable for persons with pets.



11.0 Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake, also referred to as AuSable River, is nestled in Roscommon County. It is a fresh water lake that houses so many small water creatures. It is a cool, quite recreational place where you can go fishing with your kids, or spend some quite time with your spouse. Houghton Lake area has a river flowing out of it, The Muskegon River. This makes a perfect place to enjoy quiet and smooth paddling on the waters.



12.0 Proud Lake

This lake area has over 4, 700 acres of land. The waters are cool enough for kayak fishing. Other activities like hiking and hunting can be enjoyed in this lake region.



13.0 Otto Lake

People who enjoy spending time in cabins can enjoy kayaking in Otto Lake for a weekend. It is often a place full of bird life during the summer. It is a wonderful area to kayak while enjoying the sweet bird songs. This lake has whitewater which enables you to take your kayaking to the next level.



Apart from lakes, there are, seas, rivers, dams, whitewater bodies in the world waiting for you to explore them using your kayak. Click the link for the best kayaks under 500.

Ken Whiting explains the top 5 kayaking tips to becoming a better paddler in the YouTube link below. https://www.youtube.com/ken-whiting-top-5-kayaking-tips



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