Orca and Yeti rivalry is not a new one. Both coolers have high quality designs and are popular names.

If you are stuck between the two options, and looking for the best choice, this article will break down both coolers to help you decide. We will assess the, price, sizes, colors, ice retention, insulation, accessories, warranty, and manufactory location of the coolers then give you our overall choice to help your decision.

As you read and educate yourself about the details of both coolers you may seem one is a better fit than our final decision. When purchasing coolers, you obviously want to purchase the one that fits your needs best. At the end of this article you will able to make the right choice for you and if nothing else be able to explain to your buddies which of these top of the line coolers is better.

Price Comparison

Both the Yeti and Orca brands are the most elite in the cooler world. Both use high quality materials and have a great reputation. Consequently, their price reflects the superiority of the coolers. You will find the Orca and Yeti coolers, to be similar in price.

Orca is slightly less expensive compared to the Yeti. From the 20Qt, the cooler’s sizes stagger making the comparison slightly more difficult, though still in a close range. Ultimately, we are comparing top of the line coolers and paying for their superior quality on both.

ORCA 20 Cooler

ORCA 20 Cooler

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YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler

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Available Sizes

The standard 20Qt cool is the go-to size for most cooler users. The 20Qt is easy to travel with and holds about 16 cans (with the appropriate amount of ice.) Due to its popularity, both the Yeti and Orca brands offer coolers in the 20Qt size. From there the brands branch out and stagger their options of sizes. Choosing cooler sizes over 20Qt turns into a personal choice. Both brands have a wide section of sizes, aiding in customer’s satisfaction, but one brand goes above and beyond on their cooler sizes.
The Orca cooler has size options up to 140Qts, while the Yeti makes their Tundra in 160, 210, 250, and 350QTs. For hunters and those wanting an XXL cooler, Yeti has the sizes they want. In addition, the Yeti brand carries coolers as small as their Hopper Flip, which holds 8 cans.

As far as having a wider range of cooler sizes, the Yeti brand wins. Just beware that some users say the Yeti’s actual size a little skewed from the listed quarts.

Color Options

When comparing products, every detail matters. In addition, if you choose to fork out quite a bit of money to buy one of these two elite coolers, then you deserve to have the cooler exactly the way you want it. Therefore, color options are one thing that we will not overlook.

Yeti’s coolers come in three sleek colors, White, Desert Tan, Charcoal, and Ice Blue. The Yeti name manufactures excellent looking products, which these three cooler colors demonstrate well.  Through amazon, some select Yeti sizes come in a slight variation such as the Seafoam Green and LT Charcoal. You may be charged a little more for these options.

The Orca coolers have a much larger selection of colors. Of course, Orca includes the basic white, pink, tan, and green, but the color combinations do not stop there. Additional colors such as orange, burnt orange, dark maroon, crimson, purple, blue, bright green, and navy are intermixed for more options when you purchase online through amazon.com. If you are looking for even more color choices, Orca’s website offers a huge selection of different colors and patterns. On their coolers up to 40Qts, you can choose your favorite color, camo print, or have your favorite sports team’s color and logo on the cooler.

The cooler one decides to buy will travel with them to a variety of events and locations.  So, when choosing a cooler, having options to make the cooler more custom to you is important. Every addition detail and available selection can help in deciding. For us, the fact that Orca has more color options for their consumers gives us a better idea of the over all best cooler. After all, these coolers will need to be shown off.

Ice Retention

If you are paying for a top-of the line cooler, you expect to have one that retains ice well. If nothing else, you will want to brag about how long your cooler can retain ice. Yeti has the reputation to keep ice for up to five days. Five days seems like an incredible amount of time compared to the less quality coolers that can barely hold your ice for a day. However, like we said before we are comparing two top of the line coolers here.

When users preformed their own ice retention test, they found the Orca outperformed the Yeti. Some users found the Orca cooler kept their ice two days longer than the Yeti Cooler.


There is a reason why we are going right into insulation after ice retention. The insulation of the cooler explains how these outstanding coolers can keep ice for so long.

As shown in the Orca’s winning results of the ice retention contest, there are slight differences in the insulation of these two coolers. The Orca cooler has a 3 inch wall of insulation and a 3 inch lid. On the other hand, the Yeti has only a 2 inch wall and a 3 inch lid. The extra insulation in the Orca cooler explains why it can last two days longer than the Yeti.

You may concerned that the Orca would be heavier due to the extra insulation, but the weight results are not that far off. The Orca’s 20Qt cooler weights 18lbs, while the 20Qt Yeti cooler is 16lbs. The 20Qt is the only cooler the two brands carry in the same size; so, the weight is not completely comparable as the coolers get larger in size. However, as the coolers go up in size the weights stay very close in comparison.

Ultimately, the Orca cooler’s extra inch of insulation helps in its ice retention and makes it the winner in this category.


Yeti and Orca are both known for having a selction of products to complete your outdoor adventure.

When it comes to the cooler relm, Orca has assessories for every need. From attachable solar pannels with built in LED lights, to water repelling pads. The Orca assessories transform the cooler into a multiuse piece of gear. For example, Orca produces a cushion which turns the cooler into acceptable seating for outdoor events. The star accessory for the Orca cooler is the Molle Wrap. The Molle Wrap has the appearance of a tatical belt for the cooler, with cloth assessories that site on the outside of the Orca cooler. With over 18 different assessories to choose from, the Orca brand allows you to make the cooler your own.

Yeti coolers also have assessories such as bottle openers, cutting board dividers, rod holders and beverage holders but their selection is nothing compared to the Orca’s accessories.


When investing in a cooler of this quality, you want a great warranty to back it up. Both coolers offer a warranty, but this is another area where the two coolers vary.

Yeti’s warranty is for five years and covers the structure of the cooler. The Yeti cooler warranty usually does not protect the t-rex latches and the non-slip feet. So, if these break you will need to buy replacements.

Orca on the other hand comes with a lifetime warranty on all the components of the cooler. The Orca company will send replacements for all items on their coolers that need it with no extra cost to you. It is rare to find a warranty this good!

With any warranty it is a good idea to keep the receipt so if you have to use your warranty the process will be easier.

Manufacturing Location

The Manufacturing location may be just a personal preference for some; however when taking the overall cooler into consideration, we want to know what quality products are being used to create the cooler, and where the products are coming from.

The Orca company has dedicated their products to being American made. From the coolers to the many accessories, the Orca brand only uses American made materials and manufactures their products all in the USA.

Yeti coolers are primarily manufactured in the Philippines, though you can contact Yeti through their website and request a cooler made in the USA.


Based on the results from the important categories above, the clear winner is the Orca cooler. The Orca cooler outperforms the Yeti in the ice retention and insulation categories. The Orca cooler has more options in accessories, which are all made in the USA. Coming in reasonable amount of sizes, with a larger selection of colors, the Orca cooler takes the cake. We can’t forget about the lifetime warranty, which completes the Orca as the overall the better choice when compared to the Yeti. Make sure to check out our other comparisons of the yeti: RTIC vs Yeti and Grizzly vs Yeti and Pelican vs Yeti.

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