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Top 10 Best Leaf Vacuums and Mulchers

Top 10 Best Leaf Vacuums and Mulchers

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Pool Fences For Above Ground Pools

Pool Fences For Above Ground Pools

Installing swimming pool is probably one of the best ways to spend summer. The kids will especially enjoy their summer holidays by playing in the pool and inviting friends for pool parties. You will get a place where you can spend some quality family time. Above ground pools are easy to install and maintain. Additionally, they are safer and cheaper as compared to the traditional in-ground pool.

Yes, an above ground pool means that your child can not crawl or walk straight into water; however this does not mean that you should not consider fencing your above ground pool. Young children and sometimes even your pets can accidentally walk the stairs and fall into the pool. Pool fences are the best way of being sure that your children can not go into the swimming pool without adult supervision.

Pool fences are very easy to install and readily available in the market to suit swimming pools of various shapes and sizes. If you are good with tools, regularly install things in your house and have a proper idea regarding local permit laws, than you can deploy pool fences with ease. In case, you are not a good handy man, than consider hiring a professional help to install the fences.

Things to Know Before Buying Pool Fences for Above Ground Pools


Before you go shopping for the pool fences for your above ground pool, you should have a good idea regarding the size of your pool. If you have installed a deck on your above ground pool than exclude that area from fencing. Every pool requires different numbers of fence sections; therefore, you should calculate the size of your pool carefully. Fence sections are the number of fence that would be required to cover a top rail on your pool, from pool support post to pool support post. Most pool fencing kits have a standard eight fence sections in their kit, including the start and end rails. If your pool requires more than eight sections than add on kits with three, two and one fence section are also available.


Most fencing kits are not very expensive so price should not be a problem if you have a normal sized swimming pool. However, if your above ground pool is quite large or you are not a good handy man and require professional help, than include a few extra dollars in your budget.


Pool fences are made from various types of material such as vinyl, aluminum, wood and even glass. If you can afford to be a bit extravagant and give your above ground pool a sleek look than opt for glass pool fence. However, if you do not want to spend too much money and still want fences that are strong than go for vinyl pool fences. Aluminum and steel fences offer four different styles to choose from.

State Permit Laws

Get to know the permit laws in your state before you install pool fences. Many states require fencing even inflatable kiddy pools if they are deeper than 30cms.

2 Responses to Pool Fences For Above Ground Pools

  1. Well said, Installation of the swimming pool is the best way to spend summer holidays. Mostly kids wait for the holiday so they can enjoy in the swimming pool. But nowadays drowning incidents are on the rise due to it, along with the enjoyment we have to take precautions for safety of our children or pets. So installation of glass pool fencing is mandatory, kids can’t go in the swimming pool without adult supervision. Installation of glass pool fencing is very easy as well as maintenance. Glass pool fencing provides an advantage on normal pool fences, as it is transparent in nature and looks more allure. There are many online shops are available for fencing, just check it out,, etc. I hope it will be helpful to others.

  2. Billy Hall says:

    Fencing is inevitable whether it is an in-ground or above ground pool. As per the topic, I want to pen a few on the latter. There are various types of pool fences available in the market. You can pick one as per your choice and requirement. But, it will be fruitful when you would consider features of the fence types. You cannot overlook its price. The material must last long and maintenance free. Moreover, the fence would give the pool an aesthetic look. Finally, you have to make an appointment with a reputable pool builder like- for installing your selected fence.

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