Women and men of almost all ages love the fun and interesting paddle boarding activity while standing. For sure, it brings forth the surfing excitement without needing waves. Therefore, you can enjoy it seasons and areas all throughout the world.

For those that reside close to ocean waves, you can enjoy paddle boarding with minimal practice to become a professional. In addition to bringing excitement to water fun, paddle boarding is an incredible form of exercise.

Prior to deciding whether to purchase or construct your own stand up paddleboard, it is prudent to know the different options are available. Making one from scratch calls for buying plans and sourcing for your materials. Alternatively, you can purchase a kit. In this regard, you have to assemble the board. You must have the needed materials.

What is for sure is that creating a SUP board adds an exciting twist. Ultimately, you get on water with your own board at your feet.

Here are some of the stand up paddle board kits any paddler needs to have:

Inflatable Paddle Board Kit

stand up paddle board kit

This inflatable kit enables you to utilize your SUP-POCKET on an inflatable paddle board. What is for sure is the fact that you can effortlessly un-clip the SUP-POCKET anytime it is necessary such as when you need to reach your destination or change to another board. The kit brings with it 4 rubber pads with some Spectra Loops, two adhesive tubes and 4-3’’ S-Biners.

What you need to is select a location, clean the spots with included alcohol rubs, then glue the rubber pads to the inflatable board with an adhesive. Of great importance to note is that the rubber pad is permanently attached to the inflatable kit and does not affect your board’s storage.

The Deluxe Paddleboard Kit

The Deluxe Paddleboard Kit

The Deluxe Paddleboard Kit is essentially an economical system that can work or without the vehicle cross bars. It is an effective solution to rapidly secure and carefully transport either two or one board. It ensures the board is safe from scratches and dings. The rooftop blocks that are oversized can effortlessly handle all surfboard and SUP sizes. Every block features non-slip TPR bottom that works brilliantly on the bare car roof.

The three features you can look forward to in this transport kit include:

  • · Very easy to use kit with a high capacity 24-inch profiled-foam blocks with the ability to transport almost any stand op paddle surfboard or board style
  • · You can effortlessly install it on your car even if it has a bare roof. It is also installable over any factory oval, square or round load bars.
  • · It comprises of a 22-inch foam spacer that comes in handy for safely stacking the two boards. It is also good for stacking everything required load and block straps for a secure and safe transport.

Below other awesome accessories for your stand up paddle board kit:

The Bungee Deck Attachment Kit

stand up paddle board kits

Do you want to take an additional PFD or water bottle on your upcoming SUP excursion and aren’t sure on how you can keep it on your board? Well, worry no more. The Bungee Deck attachment kit offers an incredibly fast and easy way to attach any item to your board.

This ‘Bungee Deck’ brings with it a 4 NSI bomber Rubber Plate that have Spectra Loops, which stick on the board. The plates are tested. They offer a strong and reliable hold on the board.

Its bungee cord, which runs via the plates, creates an ideal on-deck tie down system.

Some of the features you stand to enjoy include:

  • · Easy installation
  • · Shock Bungee Cord
  • · Four Rubber Plates with a Spectra Loop

Portable Shower & Rinse Station

After an incredible session, you and your board are definitely sandy and salty. If you don’t take of these two early enough, they can start to eat away your board’s integrity. To wash yourself off as well as preserve your SUP, you can use this Portable Shower & Rinse Station. It‘s surely the best thing after slice bread.

Bringing portable water to the beach can be somewhat tricky. However, this is not the case when you have this shower and rinse kit. Sadly, many companies and companies have come up with creative ways of taking portable fresh water to the beach but fall short. With this rinse kit, all you need is 20 seconds and a garden hose to fill it up and you are all good to go.

The following are some of the features you can expect from this kit:

  • · It weighs 24 lbs when full
  • · It allows four minutes of nonstop spray
  • · It holds two gallons of water
  • · The kit fills in 20 seconds from a garden hose

Board Lock

Just like you love your SUP, so do thieves. Therefore, it is high time to take extra care of your board. As much as you you’ll tie down your board, you’ll not be able to prevent a crook from cutting the rope with just a simple swipe. Nonetheless, with this lock kit, are ideal especially when you are on the move. Enjoy the peace of mind by using this incredible locking system.

Amazing features you can expect from this kit include:

  • · It is available in 18ft, 13ft, 11ft and 8ft lengths
  • · It boasts of being the only locking cam in the world
  • · It is reinforced with 2 braided stainless-steel cables that are woven in every strap


Stand up paddle board kits are important to anyone who is passionate about paddle boarding. There is no doubt about that. The million dollar question is, how do you find the best stand up paddle board kit?

With warm water and weather, there is surely no reason for you not get out on your SUP paddle board. After some extensive research, it can authoritatively be reported that the above are some of the stand up paddle board kits that you ought to have. As an avid paddler, you should get one, two, or all of the above.

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