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Swiss Gear Hiking Pole

Build and Design

The Swiss Gear Hiking Pole is made from durable lightweight aluminium alloy in 3 adjustable telescoping sections. The hiking pole extends from a closed 26” to 52” when fully extended and sports the shining Swiss Gear brand name on its body. The most exciting thing is that you can simply adjust the pole by twisting a section clockwise or anticlockwise to extend or lower the pole.

The handle of the Swiss Gear Hiking Pole is made of plastic and includes adjustable wrist straps crafted from nylon.  If you intend to own a pair of such poles, then thanks to the graduation marks on each section of which will allow for easy matching of the height of both the poles. This hiking pole also possesses comfortable hand grip with adjustable strap to ensure that you and your pole are always together!

This hiking pole is built tough, thanks to Swiss Gear for employing their forever-reputed top quality materials during manufacturing. The Swiss Gear Hiking Pole is sturdy in fashion and is meat for heavy duty to the extreme. So there’s nothing stopping you to go hard on the pole—it’s a challenge to find out whether you’re just as good as the pole or if you can really keep up with its pace!


The Swiss Gear Hiking Pole comes with an anti-shock design. Its mechanism is such that it absorbs rough terrain by compressing the end when there is additional weight thrust upon the pole. The business tip boasts of a protective rubber cap, a carbide tip and a rubber tip as well.

The Swiss Gear Hiking Pole is equipped with updated technology to give you a dream run. The pole features a compass on the top of the handle, so you’ll never be caught off-track In terms of carrying, you can easily compress to put away at will or extend to assist your walks. This Swiss Gear Hiking Pole is indeed in a league of its own when it comes to performance.

The molded hand grips of the Swiss Gear Hiking Pole provide you with superior grip and improved firmness—with this pole, you’ll never go off-balance! Besides posing itself as one of the most reliable hiking pole in the market, this pole also offers an affordable price tag. Owning a value-added hiking pole has never been easier!


Nothing beats the durability of this Swiss Gear product. As always, Swiss Gear has once again lived up to our expectations and has delivered one of the finest hiking poles available in the market today. The durability-to-price ratio of the Swiss Gear Hiking Pole is excellent as compared to other rivals in the market; the pole is ready when you are!


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