Winter is arguably the most difficult season we have to endure. The frigid, borderline freezing temperature can be a different challenge even for those who grew up in some of the world’s coldest cities. To a certain extent, making it through winter is a victory on its own, so when March comes, you can proudly give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

Yes, we’re still in the middle of January, a time when the cold weather is still in full swing. However, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare our homes for the upcoming season. Spring is the time of when our surrounding environments come back to life. So let’s start in one of the most well loved part of our homes, the garden. According to Imagine Backyard, having a garden, or a backyard, can be beneficial for many reasons.

For one, you have a suitable place where you can play, hang out, or just generally bond with your family. Above all else, it’s like being close to Mother Nature, living in a place where you witness how tree buds swell after an arduous cold months. That said, there still lies the important question of how to make your backyard an environmentally-friendly, spring-ready part of the home. In other words, doing an efficient job in terms of the actual process of transitioning from winter to spring.​

Backyard Lawn

First off, look at your yard as part of a collection of gardens that make up your neighborhood. From an environmental standpoint, it’s important to use water wisely. Put it this way; a half-barrel of water in a pond is better than those commercially produced garden waterfalls or fountains.

Not only does it beautify your backyard, it also gives ground-dwelling creatures a more natural habitat. In terms of water, having a garden also provides a fitting area to hang your laundry. The Star even points out that going down this route will save you a significant amount of kilowatts in energy because you won’t have to use a tumble dryer, and it will help to preserve your clothes better.

backyard gardening

When it comes to maintaining your backyard, it’s vital to go the manual route. This means, instead of say, choosing a gas-powered leaf blower, you can opt to invest in a simple yet equally useful rake. The same goes with other outdoor and gardening tools. Screwfix differentiates these tools as garden power and hand tools, as well as special equipment for maintenance and care, outdoor projects, and garden buildings.

Another thing to consider when taking care of your garden is to add native plants. Generally, these are insect- and disease-free, and attract a bevy of pollinating birds, butterflies, and insects. Some of the best flowering plants include bee balm, Joe Pye weed, and purple cone-flower.

In short, sprucing up your backyard and preparing it for the upcoming spring season can also be an environmentally friendly endeavor. You can start with efficient water use, then move on to more advanced tasks like maintaining the garden with tools and incorporating flowering plants. With these endeavors, not only will you make a smooth transition from winter to spring, you’ll also do your part – no matter how small it is – in preserving the world we live in.​

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